20613917_97b7c88d4fWelcome to The Center for the Study of Pacific War Memories. The Center was founded in 2006 to support a variety of projects, arising out of the History Department, but engaging in strong collaborations with colleagues in other disciplines, other campuses and other countries.

The premier goal of the center is to promote truly collaborative and truly transnational research into the legacies of the Asia Pacific War in the Pacific region across the 60 years since the end of the war. How has the war been remembered? What have these war memories meant for changing collective identities? In what ways have war memories become foundational to a wide array of social projects, from politics and economics to scientific research and cultural production? Most importantly, in what ways do memories of the war circulate between and among the societies in the Pacific that were effected by that cataclysmic event? How, in other words, do memories of the war make a region?

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